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      Isotope244 Atomic Cannon 3.0


      Masculino Número de Mensagens : 342
      Localização : Earth's Dark Side
      Aparelho(s) : Dell Inspiron 15R SE 7520, Moto Maxx & Samsung Tab S 10.1
      Créditos :
      100 / 100100 / 100

      Data de inscrição : 28/01/2009

      Isotope244 Atomic Cannon 3.0

      Mensagem por SilverSpirit em Ter Fev 03, 2009 1:08 pm

      Nome: Isotope244 Atomic Cannon
      Versão: 3.0


      Atomic Cannon is a fun arcade game that is easy to learn but difficult to master. In this strategic tank artillery duel you battle against computers or friends on 25 different landscapes. Players take turns aiming and firing at each other with over 100 weapons of mass destruction including nuclear bombs.

      You can blast your enemy with a vast array of weapons. Some weapons create landmasses you can use to your tactical advantage to hide behind as cover. Your arsenal is outfitted with numerous types of weapons including guns, bombs, missiles, rockets, and nukes.

      The landscape you battle on is randomly generated each round and can be destroyed in real time for real scorched earth. There are six types of land formations including flat, hill, gulley, plateau, slope, and random. Each formation can be in one of the game's 25 diverse environments.


      * Over 100 of the biggest weapons
      * Online multiplayer with up to 16 players
      * Beautiful scenery with 25 realistic landscapes
      * Enhanced graphics with real time smoke trails
      * Smooth game play with real physics
      * Fully customizable weapon economy
      * Death match and round based game modes
      * Six professional music tracks totalling 20 minutes
      * Play in either Portrait or Landscape modes
      * Multiplayer mode to show your friends who is boss
      * Up to 16 players with 5 tanks each
      * Awesome graphical refractive wave effects
      * Destroy land and create scorched earth
      * Endless humor with talking bots
      * Scrollable virtual battle fields
      * Radioactive effects with damage over time
      * Battle against computer artificial intelligence
      * Weather effects which react to the wind
      * More user options than you can shake a stick at
      * Ultra crisp sound effects
      * Alternate wargame graphics mode
      * Super small install size, keep it on your device

      The Story

      The United Nations banned all atomic and nuclear devices and ordered their destruction. Most were destroyed systematically over a period of years, the only remaining nuclear capable devices were in museums and scattered in hidden secret bunkers around the world.

      After global chaos erupted in a heated debate centered on a rogue dictator, world powers were battling in small inhospitable environments where only machines could go. As the start of the new world order unfolded, powers needed the most destructive machines they could find to use in battle, aircraft and ground soldiers could not be used because of the harsh weather and terrain.

      Thus began the resurrection of the Atomic Cannons. They were outfitted with as many kinds of ammunition systems as possible to deter the enemy. It is your mission to command our Atomic Cannon and be victorious...


      A-Bomb, Acid Rocket, Anthrax, Artillery, Ashes, Avenger, Barrage, Big Wheel, Black Brat, Black Rain, Blow Fish, Blue Beam, Bomb, Breakout, Burial Mound, Cannon, Cannon Ball, Cleaner, Cluster Bomb, Contra, Cowinator, Cremation, Defiled Pig, Digger, Dirt Cloud, Dirt Destroy, Dirtox, Dirty Boy, Dirty Duo, Earth Destroy, Escaper, Excavator, Gas Rocket, Gatlun Gun, Grate Beam, Grave Digger, Ground Hog, Heavy Armor, Heavy Shield, Hellfire, Hercules, Hex Bomb, Hydrogen Nuke, Isotope 244, Land Fill, Light Armor, Light Shield, Machine Gun, Magma Beam, Medical Supply, Medkit, Mountain, Move Far, Move Mid, Move Near, Penetrator, Pig Blaster, Plasma, Plasma Bomb, Plower, Plutonium Nuke, Porcupine, Rail Gun, Rail Slice, Rebounder, Retro Rocket, Rocket, Roller, Runway Bomb, RX2, Sabot, Seeker, Shell, Shotgun, Six Under, Spreader, Stingers, Strikers, Tallboy, Tomcat, Toxic Cow, Toxic Grave, Tracer 3, Tracer 5, Trojan, Uranium Nuke, and the Wave Beam.

      Weapon Types

      Nukes, Missles, Rockets, Bombs, Breakouts, Diggers, Rollers, Escapers, Land Creation, Rebounders, Tracers, Death, Artillery, Beams, Lasers, Shields, Life, and Armor.

      Full Version Benefits

      * Enjoy over 100 weapons
      * Battle on 25 beautiful landscapes
      * No more demo or ad messages
      * Online network multiplayer mode
      * Unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee

      Versão para aparelhos com tela QVGA portrait (240x320) e landscape (320x240).

      Divirtam-se!!! lol!


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