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    Resco Explorer 2007 6.15


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    Resco Explorer 2007 6.15

    Mensagem por SilverSpirit em Sex Fev 27, 2009 7:41 pm

    Nome: Resco Explorer 2007
    Versão: 6.15

    Resco Explorer 2007 for smartphone

    * Resco Explorer 2007 is:

    powerful file management utility for your Smartphone. It implements all standard features such as file/folder manipulation. Thus, you can copy, move or delete files, create folders, run programs with arguments, and search for files or folders.
    Key Features

    * Windows Mobile 6.0 support
    * The FTP Explorer
    * RAR archives support (decompression)
    * QVGA and Landscape devices support
    * Multi-language user interface
    * Recycle Bin
    * Send files via Bluetooth
    * Quick Search feature
    * Send more files via IrDA (OBEX)
    * Format storage card(s)
    * System info in properties
    * Search file or text in file
    * File and folder copy, move, delete,...
    * Favorites — quick folder access
    * ZIP compression
    * Built-in viewer (text, jpg, png, bmp, gif...)
    * Registry editor (import/export/search)
    * File association
    * Strong file encryption
    * Encryption add-in for desktop PC
    * "Send To" add-in for desktop PC

    * Modules:

    The File Manager:

    The File Manager is the HEART of the Explorer 2007.
    It is stable and efficient and it provides the most comfortable way for file operations such as copying, moving, deleting, renaming, etc.
    It is great when you search for files or file content. It speeds-up your work by using Favorites folders. The system info keeps you informed about your system resources usage at all times.

    Strong File Encryption:

    You can use the Micorsoft Enhanced Cryptographic Provider with strong algorithms such as RC2-128, DES-56, 3DES TWO KEY-112, 3DES-168.
    We did our best to make the en/decryption process familiar looking and easy to use.
    Additionally, you can also install a Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP shell extension to use the encryption/decryption process on desktop PCs.

    ZIP Compression:

    ZIP Compression can be used to increase the storage space of any storage device.
    Use of this handy tool is the simplest and cheapest way to save significant amounts of storage space.
    The used ZIP algorithm is PC compatible, so you can extract archives created on a desktop PC and vice-versa.

    ZIP/RAR Decompression:

    Resco Explorer is now able to read and decompress ZIP and RAR archives.
    It allows you to access the content of the downloaded archives directly on you Windows Mobile device.

    The built-in Viewer:

    The built-in Viewer can be used to view files in TXT, BIN or HEX format, as well as JPEG, GIF, BMP and PNG graphic formats.
    The built-in viewer implements a very comfortable text search function.
    Viewing files has never been so easy.

    Recycle Bin:

    Resco Explorer now moves deleted files into virtual folder "Recycle Bin" instead of immediate deletion.
    If the file was deleted accidentally, it is now possible to restore it safely from the Recycle Bin folder.
    Recycle Bin takes at most 10% of each storage. It is possible to choose the bigger or smaller space
    for recycled files or disable the Recycle Bin completely.

    The FTP Explorer:

    FTP Explorer gives the possibility to browse the FTP server's content directly in your Resco Explorer 2007 window.
    It adds the root below the "My Device" and the user is able to copy/move/delete/rename files the same way as if they were the local files.

    The Registry Editor:

    The Registry Editor is for power users only.
    It allows you to export, import, view or modify the registry keys.
    The interface is very simple and very powerful at the same time.


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